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Our sound and visual AI algorithms detect and interpret patient data in real-time. Allowing for early detection of potential health issues and timely interventions.




Fall Prediction & Prevention

Real-Time Alerting

Virtual Sitting


Two Way Audio and visual communication with nursing

Sound Escalation Detection

Virtual Rounding

Hospital & care enviroments

Solutions for Care

For patients and healthcare professionals seeking advanced AI-driven solutions for person-centric care, our company provides cutting-edge technology for patient monitoring, telehealth, and fall prevention.We are committed to improving patient outcomes, reducing healthcare costs, and empowering patients to take.




Senior Living Homes



Healthcare enviroments

Use Cases

Fall Detection & Prevention

Decreases nurses and clinicians’ exposure to COVID-19 and conserves scarce PPE.


Suicide Prevention

Decreases suicide attempts by immediately recognizing and intervening in situations that compromise patient safety.

workplace violence

Improving patient safety by detecting anomalous behavior, like yelling and violence, and dispatching appropriate staff.

Prevention of adverse events

Hivevu can track and keep staff safe with detection of adverse events that occur with medical treatment.  Sych as medication side effects, injury, psychological harm or trauma, or death. 

Isolation Precaution

Decreases nurses and clinicians’ exposure to COVID-19 and conserves scarce PPE.

Behavioral Health Monitoring

Improves pateint and staff saftey by recognizing behaviors that could lead to both patient and staff harm.

Prevention Technology

The #1 Solution for Fall Prevention

AI-Driven Person Centric Care

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